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"The wonderful ladies at Todd Alan had me looking great for my wedding. I am useless when it comes to fashion and shopping gives me a ton of anxiety because I do not know where to begin. They asked me some basic questions and when I showed up for the consultation, they absolutely killed it. My wife was so excited and I got a ton of compliments at the wedding for how great I looked and how well I matched the "feel" of the wedding. Combine their men's fashion savvy with the fact that both of them are genuinely fun to be around and work with and I would DEFINITELY encourage any guys that could use some help making sure they look great for a special occasion to give Todd Alan a ring." -BO

"Christina and Leah did an absolutely wonderful job refreshing my tired, old wardrobe. The experience was like going to a friends house for a pint of IPA and coming home with a fresh, new, custom fit wardrobe and a new attitude! Their questionnaire was quick and easy to fill out and the resulting wardrobe they selected for me to try on was extensive and they completely nailed my style. The prices on the items were on average between $25-$35 aside from a pair of Scotch & Soda jeans I simply had to have. If you're like me and would rather eat glass than schlep around retail stores picking through dozen of racks looking for a single pair of pants that fit and don't make you look like a nerd, I would highly recommend that you call Todd Alan and schedule you're appointment ASAP. Thank you, ladies!" - MC

"Christina & Leah are amazing! They transformed my hubby's wardrobe. His look before consisted of golf shirts & flip flops, now he is still comfortable but stylish! I think for the first time he actually has clothes that also properly fit him and might now have more shoes than me. Thank you for making my hubby a hottie again!" -KL