Repel Rain & The Upside Down // 5 Fall Things That Don’t Include Pumpkins

It's pretty much a given, we all adore fall in the PNW; 🎃  pumpkin beer, 🍂  fall foliage, 🏈  football... However, we aren't talking about that here, we want you to stay dry, cozy up and be rad. 

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1. Wash Your Waterproof Jacket 

We lean on our rain gear -hard. Before the real Autumn rain sets in,  give your waterproof jackets some love. Of course the mothership REI has a great post on all the details of how to revive your gear to its fierce form again. 

Photo via REI

Photo via REI

Does your jacket need a wash? Here are the signs. // via Rick Mead REI Blog

The Signs:

  1. Wetting out: When water soaks into and spreads across the surface of the fabric, it prevents the breathable layer from working. This is a sign that the durable water repellent (DWR) surface treatment has been compromised. This is when a good cleaning—and possibly re-waterproofing—can improve your experience.
  2. Visible dirt and stains: Outdoor life is messy, which is often part of the fun. Luckily if your rain shell gets muddy in camp or doused with your morning mochaccino, you can clean it to remove the crud. 

Check out REI's full article here (Its worth it, trust us) 

2. Cozy On the Couch for Stranger Things Season 2

On October 27,  be snuggly and lazy on the couch and watch Stranger Things Season 2. Ignore the hype, just enjoy the awesome opening credits and 1980's adventures. 

A total bonus for your eyes and 1980's-lovin' heart. Scope out this bit of 8-bit genius, Stranger Things Game developed by indie game developer Bonus XP. We played it, and it's delightful and includes 8-bit waffles. 

Stranger Things Game available on iOS and Android

Trailer: Stranger Things The Game // Bonus XP

3. Aquire a Rad Jacket

We ooze for a great guy jacket!  A new dope jacket will keep you warm and put oomph in your step, we swear. 

Shameless plug, if you want us to find you the jacket for you, call us. 🙋🏻 HIRE US 

We have your outerwear inspiration!

4. Inspect Your Wiper Blades

We'll do our best to resist a [Wiper] Blade Runner pun here. Too late. Okay, seriously, it is a great time to check to see if your wiper blades are ready for the Autumn rain. Your blades may need to be replaced every six months to a year. 


We found a great source to walk you though how to inspect and clean your wiper blades. Or take your car to the dealer and they'll take care of your wiper needs. 

AllState // LINK

5. Stock The Bar

Splurge on a great bottle of spirits. Its fall, it's a great excuse to sip a treat while staying indoors. Treat yo' self. Bourbon, Scotch, Tequilla, your call, just sip and enjoy! 


Our Favorite Liquor Store // Downtown Spirits

Our Leather Chair Spirit Inspiration // Seattle Spirits Society